Learning Better

When you want to become a doctor, you must study for at least 10 years.
When you want to learn how to install an app on your phone in just a few steps, this takes approximately 1 minute.

Our expertises

And then you have many opportunities between these two. The major difference between these examples is the learning objective. That is why we always start our conversations with “what is your learning objective?”. Ask yourself the following questions: What are you proud of? Why are you proud of this? Can you turn these arguments into a new learning objective? What we want to say, is that our solution is always custom made to your own learning objective. When it comes to content, you can ask yourself the following question: does the learning objective bring new insight, better safety, moreefficiency, and collaborations? Once you’ve arrived at our website, we understand that you would like to see what we’ve got to offer. That’s why we’ve created FREE-Learning Bites. In this way for example, you will be able to ask your colleagues better questions within 5 minutes.

E-Learning that excites you!

At Doing Better, we love to eat. One of our favorite snacks is an apple pastry. We compare designing and creating an e-learning to baking such a pastry. But a special one of course. Great to look at, challenging and we leave you with a satisfied feeling. Together with you we create a recipe and choose all ingredients carefully. As content expert, you know exactly which ingredients are needed. On the other hand, we know everything about the development. Together, we can make a great product.

Our ingredients

Education first

We start with an educational base for the highest learning efficiency. A good learning experience is essential for a successful course. The student is therefore always central in creating learning solutions.


As team member, you will not only be informed about all latest developments, you will also be closely involved. There will be personal contact with the developer, so we can respond to your learning methods.


Our multidisciplinary team delivers custom work. All requirements and wishes are properly mapped out in advance, only then will we get to work for you. Our course should fit in seamlessly with your company or institution.

Anytime, anywhere, any device

You can learn at any moment, at any place and on any device.


We strive for 100% satisfaction. Check out our reference page to see how they’ve experienced working with us.

Do you want to talk about the opportunities?


At Doing Better, we think it’s important that we create e-learning material that has a positive impact on the development of the student. An educational base is essential to us. We want the e-learning to be challenging and fun. We add animations, videos, interactions, games and quizzes to our e-learning to create the best e-learning for our students. The result is distinctive e-learning material of high level that gives the student a positive learning experience. Interested in our approach? We would love to meet up for a coffee!

Learning Graphics

Images say more than words. That’s why we often use graphics in our e-learning. Think of infographics that brings a process into picture, or an animation that helps you tell a story, but we also use illustrations and photos. Do you need a learning graphic? Contact us! We can talk about the options.

Support, training & advice

Nowadays more and more organizations are independently working on the development of e-learning. Would you like to develop it yourself, but do you need a little help? Then we can also guide or even train you in different areas. Think of; E-learning software, Learning Management Systems, SCORM, AICC, storyboarding and more.

Curious about what we can do in the field of support, training and advice? Then contact us!