TeamDoing Better Together

We have gathered an experienced team over the past years. Together, we are able to make all sorts of e-learning successful. Our team consists of consultants, animators, programmers, copywriters, developers, and voice over specialists. 


We are all makers. Whether it’s about design, texts, a platform, voice over, or interactive materials: it has to be excellent. This attitude is what connects us as a team and helps us create effectively. 


We believe in the power of e-learning. Whether it concerns transferring information, securing knowledge, or improving services. It all depends on the right approach and implementation. Better also stands for more fun, more appealing, and higher quality.


We also believe in together. The only thing that can do almost everything by itself is a Swiss army knife. But that’s not very useful when creating an e-learning. You need different qualities for that. And everyone who is part of our team possesses one of these qualities. This enables us to deliver a wide range of diverse work. 


Our team consists of various kinds of expertise to make our projects successful. Get to know them better one by one. 

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