Creating E-learning for Hydro Extrusion Drunen

About Hydro Extrusion Drunen The aluminium manufacturing plant in Drunen specializes in extruding long-length profiles as well as machined components that are ready for assembly. An aluminium casthouse is also part of the manufacturing site in Drunen. Drunen is all about aluminium Small & middle sized aluminium profiles. With its 2 extrusion presses, the aluminium […]

Get to know me better | Renate Lutt

Renate Lutt Het klinkt waarschijnlijk erg cliché om te zeggen dat je het zo ontzettend naar je zin hebt in de eerste weken van je nieuwe baan. Maar ik zeg het toch! Welkom en leuk dat je mijn blog leest. Mijn naam is Renate Lutt. 22 jaar en woonachtig op een boerderij tussen Dinteloord en […]

World Hearing Day

A voice-over can clear up a whole lot. During an e-learning course you get a lot of information that you are going to need to process. A voice-over can come in handy when you don’t really understand the assignment or the information that has been given. Did you know that you hear voice-overs every day? […]

Articulate Rise 360

Articulate Rise 360 is an eLearning authoring tool that lets you create online courses and share them with anyone you want. For using Rise 360 you don’t need to download any software, you only need a web browser and an Articulate 360 account. This makes your courses accessible wherever you are, on any device. When […]