We go for better e-learning

Doing Better is an e-learning company that helps organizations get the best out of their trainings. We do this by working closely together with educationalists and creative specialists from various disciplines.


We want to show employers and HR managers, who are consciously engaged in improvement, that online learning can be substantively didactic and also fun.

Core values

At Doing Better we work from an educational heart. That means honest advice, hard work for customers, passion for the profession and the ambition to always want to perform better.


You are a member of the team. You will not only be informed, but you are also closely involved in the development. You have personal contact with the developer.


Bringing the quality standard of e-learning to new heights by making smart use of the right (new) media and delivering educational added value. Because for the stubborn persons among us; learning is not a necessary evil, but a fantastic process on the way to success for better knowledge, better security, better collaborations and better insight.

Get to know usĀ better

Danny Bogers

E-Learning Specialist, Instructional Designer, Project Manager

Dolores Bijl

Junior E-learning Developer & Grafische vormgeving.

Marvin Sluijter

Junior E-learning Developer & Audio-Visueel specialist

Susanne Oosterveen

Instructional designer & E-learning designer