oZone is a learning environment which is specially developed by and for companies in the technical industry.
They aim to increase, facilitate online learning in organizations and to share technical knowledge between employees and between companies.

My first experience with oZone was with the author tool to develop e-learning courses. Using oZone is made easy. Without having experience with oZone you can easily find everything you need so you can start right away!

Because oZone has such a great user experience, various people of all ages and levels can use this program in a good and easy way. Let your newest employees get know the company better by offering them an Onboarding course. Or do you want all of your employees to know more about safety? Sure!

Another great thing about oZone is that you can also assign other courses from similar companies to your employees. Of course, pay attention to if the course applies to your business, but general topics can come in handy!

Even though it has a great user experience, there are some features that I’m missing in oZone. It would be great if it was possible to give it an extra touch of design. Set a font, choose your own colors or even create themes for the courses. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to add a header image at every chapter, or add an image and text. In most cases you can find a solution for this. For example, by using an all-in-one image with a header and the text.

The current features in oZone are text, image, 360° VR-tour, hotspot image, video or an animation and download or/and upload of a document.
And do you want to put them to the test? oZone offers the possibility to do this by a connect question, multiple choice question, poll or an open question.
You can test this by an interim test or a final test.

One of my favorite features in oZone is the hotspot image. Everyone in the course gets challenged for some interaction. The author of the course places the hotspots on the image and when the student clicks on the hotspot there will appear text or maybe a link to a website too. Via that link you can be redirected to a website with a 360° tour, for example.
Unfortunately the hotspot feature is not yet that extensive that you can choose the size of the button. If you’re using a simple image where you want to add about five hotspots, this should not be a problem. But if you want to use a large image to show your employees all of the 150 locations of the company on a world map, this gets complicated. Partly because you can only set the location of the hotspots by using a percentage.


Working with oZone is made easy for users and authors so their user experience is great. In a good and clear way, you can let your employees get to know the company for example through an onboarding course or other courses. Are you looking for an extensive course with all of the possibilities? I would recommend you to look further. We would love to advise you about the right course for your business.

Fortunately, time and certainly the technology does not stop and I expect that oZone will come with new updates and new features in the future so that this great program will offer even more possibilities.

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