Louis Hector

Hi! My name is Louis Hector. I take care of the complicated illustrations and animations for Doing Better as a freelance expert.

I am truly addicted to information and education. Such as how things work, wild life, mythology and psychology. That is why I binge documentaries, educational YouTube videos and everything that helps me grow emotionally and vocationally as a person.

I met Danny back in 2016 through Carla and Andrea from de Werkkamer during a project about Gas Facility Units. This project contained rather complex information on how the system works and how to prevent dangers from happening. The designs needed to be refreshened and they needed an animation or two to explain the chemical reactions that happen within. Danny grew to like my work and asked me more often to provide Doing Better with animations and illustrations to enrich online courses.

Animations that strive to explain, which are also known as ‘explainimations’, are my expertise. I brave the most complicated subjects and turn them into bite-sized videos to present to the viewers.

The collaboration with the Doing Better team is always smooth and streamlined, thanks to their preparations and good communication. When working on projects, I analyze their ideas with a keen eye to translate the subject to a metaphor or comparison and communicate my ideas with the team by using storyboards – which is comparable to a comic of your video to grasp the essence of the story – accompanied with visuals to demonstrate what the animations would look like. We then make some adjustments and send some revisions back and forth until we have yet another quality animation to add to their e-learning.

I love visually designing information and making it accessible to everyone. That is why Doing Better is one of my most favorite partners to work with.

Stay curious!

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