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Renate Lutt

It probably sounds very cliché to say that you’re having such a great time in the first weeks of your new job. But I’ll say it anyway!

Welcome and thank you for reading my blog. My name is Renate Lutt. 22 years old and I’m living on a farm in the south of the Netherlands.

Since the 1st of January 2020 I have been working at Doing Better as a Junior E-Learning Specialist. As an E-learning specialist I am responsible for design and realization of e-learning courses. I do this by making agreements with the clients about the specifications of the course with an extra touch of graphic design, user experience and didactics. With my qualities in graphic design and photography, I can make you a beautiful course. You could say it is an allround, interesting, creative and challenging job. Exactly everything I was looking for.

I ended up at Doing Better via a mutual contact. Via my boyfriends job I got back in touch with a former teacher of mine. He had just played in a band in a bar that evening when I told him that I was looking for a new job. He said he knew someone with a cool company that he thought I would fit. It sounded great and I was interested but at that moment you don’t know anything about it. Are they looking for someone? Could I even send a message or really apply for the job? And if so, would there be a match? So it’s safe to say that I was pretty careful about it. I didn’t wanted to get my hopes up. But the opposite was proven. One week later I received a message that I could contact them. And so the adventure began.

In 2018 I graduated as a Fashion Coördinator. Even though creativity always drew my attention, the graphic design and photography got my interest more and more during my studies and internships. During graduating I started up my own business where I mostly focus on photography. After I graduated I found out that it was not easy looking for a job. Especially when there is so much what you like and when you don’t have the right diplomas.

I got a job as a photographer which I enjoyed a lot. 2019 came to it’s end and that same search for a job began again. Again I missed out on the right diplomas or the years of experience that would be required. Doing Better gave me the opportunity for which I’m extremely grateful.

If I had to describe my first period at Doing Better I would say,
interesting – educational – apple-pie – fun – creative – challenging. I could go on for a while!
In the first weeks I learned a lot about e-learning, but sometimes I couldn’t even find the time because I was busy working for a client, go to a meeting with a client, photograph, record a voice-over, organise marketing meetings, edit videos, learn to work with various e-learning tools, create animations and design for example an infographic.

As I mentioned earlier, Doing Better has a lot of the things that I was looking for in a job. Creative, interesting and challenging. But besides that I love the fact that at one moment we’re laughing and having fun, and the other moment we’re seriously working and getting work done. That we can communicate and brainstorm very well. We innovate and continuously develop, that you’re appreciated and that you can really make a difference.

Every day again so that we can make e-learning a bit better, because you’re never done learning.

That boosts your energy!

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