Articulate Rise 360

Articulate Rise 360 is an eLearning authoring tool that lets you create online courses and share them with anyone you want. For using Rise 360 you don’t need to download any software, you only need a web browser and an Articulate 360 account. This makes your courses accessible wherever you are, on any device.

When you start creating a new course, you’ll notice that a page is called a ‘lesson’. You can choose from a list of lesson types (such as a text, a video, labeled graphic) or you can choose to create a quiz. These lessons all have a standard template, which helps you create the base of your course fast and easy. You then have the opportunity to build your lessons the way you like by adding ‘blocks’. There’s no length limit for your lessons, so you can keep adding blocks and scrolling down for as long as you want before starting a new lesson.

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When it comes to adding a quiz, Rise unfortunately only gives you four question options to choose from. The options are a multiple choice question, a multiple answers question, a fill in the blank question and a matching question. This limits your creativity in creating a quiz and keeps it looking quite basic and simple.

Simply invite team members

You can also collaborate on courses. You simply invite team members by adding their email address. You can work on the course together at the same time or take turns in improving your content. Changes happen in real time, so everyone is always working in the most recent version of the course.

Once finished, you can preview individual lessons or your entire course. In preview mode, you can also see what your course will look like on other devices, such as a tablet or phone. The content you create is fully responsive, which means that the content blocks will automatically move and scale to the ideal size for the device you’re watching your course on.

Add comments

When you’ve previewed your course and are happy with the way it looks, there are three following steps to choose from. You can simply share your course to make it accessible for anyone who has the link. You can also publish your course to Review, enabling people with the link to review and comment on your course. They can add comments to individual lessons or to the overall course, which makes it easy for you to know which part exactly they are talking about and also prevents the review page from looking chaotic. Lastly, there’s the Export option. You can choose any of the following export types: LMS, PDF or Web.

All in all I really enjoy working with Articulate Rise 360. The courses you create will look simple yet professional, leaving any person who goes through them impressed. Rise 360 can be described with the words ‘less is more’, which helps you keep a clear overview while working with it. Every course detail or content block is explained well, making it easy and fun to work with for anyone, anywhere.

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